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Scientific Direction

Program Planning Groups (PPGs)

Program Planning Groups (PPGs) developed plans to address new ODP initiatives, or to defined new technological strategies. They also played a vital role in promoting high-priority scientific objectives in areas where proposals are lacking and in fostering communication and collaboration between ODP and other international geoscience programs.


"PPGs will advise upon drilling/technology strategies and proposals for major scientific objectives that are not adequately covered by existing drilling strategies or proposals. Drilling proposals arising from PPG meetings must be submitted to the JOIDES Office by individual proponents or groups of proponents. PPGs will also foster communication between the ODP and other major geoscience initiatives. PPGs will report to the appropriate panel in the JOIDES Advisory Structure as directed by SCICOM."

Hydrogeology PPG

Arctic's Role in Global Change PPG

Scientific Drilling of Shallow Water Systems PPG

Seismogenic Zone PPG

Long Term Observatories PPG

Extreme Climate and Environments of the Paleogene and Cretaceous PPG

Gas Hydrates PPG

Architecture of the Oceanic Lithosphere PPG

Climate-Tectonics Links PPG

Deep Biosphere PPG

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